How Students Can Beat Exam Stress, Know Tips and Strategies

How Students Can Beat Exam Stress, Know Tips and Strategies

This year has seen a landmark change in the education system in terms of the college admission process, with a common entrance exam being introduced by the government. Amongst many other reasons the core idea behind the move is to introduce critical thinking rather than simply rote memorization and a common entrance exam is added as a core component in the admission process for undergraduate courses from the current academic year.

For instance, the University of Delhi, one of the most prestigious universities, which earlier considered a merit-based admission process has now come up with the entrance exam in Common University Entrance Test (CUET) from the current year. Along with the University of Delhi, around 45 central universities would consider the entrance exam CUET score for the admission process. There have been active discussions around the medical entrance — NEET — and how the exam pattern is also likely to change this year. More clarity on the admission process is expected by April end.

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With these sudden changes in the admission criteria, one of the key questions for students is ‘How to manage this change and plan ahead for their dream career pathway?’

The current batch of class 12 students have had a very daunting challenge of dealing with multiple changes. On one end they have had to deal with a completely new mode of learning over the last two years and on the other end a lot of changes have happened in their examination and evaluation process. Right from adapting to MCQ pattern in exams to a two-part board examination process to changes in college admission process and exam timelines, they have had to adapt a lot. The most recent change they are expected to deal with now is the common entrance test.

With the entrances exams and boards round the corner, it’s yet again that time of the year when students’ anxiety and stress are at the peak. This time the stress is not just because of the preparation for board exams but also the introduction of CUCET for universities like DU, and the uncertainty revolving around it.

Tips to beat stress

Here are some tips and strategies to beat the stress and manage uncertainty amongst students appearing for NEET and CUCET:

Have a time table in place. Preparing in a scheduled way helps you mark your progress and cover all what is necessary to prepare for. Practice a lot of mock papers. They give you an idea of where you stand and also help you with time management during actual exams. Revise smartly.

With tons of resources available out there, one has to smartly choose the right set of resources and use them tactfully to remember, revise, and retain what they have been studying. Check your resources before taking any exam dates, syllabus or course related information. Keep checking the official websites for regular and accurate updates. And finally, have a routine in place, don’t panic, eat healthy, and take proper sleep for you to have a strong mind & body to tackle the stress.

CUET has the potential to bring about a massive change in the education landscape and is directly addressing the pressure created on students and parents due to unrealistic college cutoffs. While many have welcomed the introduction of the common entrance exam, a lot of questions have been raised on the timing by various stakeholders.

In a survey by Mindler, over 82 per cent class 12 students felt that an announcement like this should have come at the start of the year and not towards the end. Another key concern causing stress amongst students is the lack of preparation time for the CUET and channels of preparation. Many parents also worry if this change will require them to shell out more funds to focus on coaching centers to prep their students for the new entrance exams.

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Educators across the country are raising a very significant question on the relevance of the schooling system. On one end we have NEP 2020 being introduced which promotes more thinking and analysis in the school and now we have a common entrance exam which is making educators fear that the school experience could become very mechanical.

With these sudden changes in the admission process it is natural for students to feel stressed and a bit confused at this time. We hope to see very crisp communication from the authorities and access to preparatory resources for students to alleviate their concerns in the coming few weeks. Considering the uncertainty that has added to the dilemma of every class 12 student, the role of career guidance seems to be more imperative than ever. Students need support to make the right decision, but that won’t be possible till they have the right information at their disposal.

— Authored by Prateek Bhargava, Director & CEO, Mindler

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